Welcome to my personal website. I am an economist and Research Fellow in the Digital Economy Unit of the European Commission's  Joint Research Center in Seville, Spain. My main research interests are in the economics of digitization and in empirical industrial organization. I am particularly interested in the effects of technological change on markets, consumers, and welfare. 

My research has examined the effects of digitization on the supply of recorded music and on the welfare benefits of new products. I have also studied the effectiveness and consequences of copyright enforcement policies and their effect on consumer behavior, the interaction between distinct music consumption channels, the welfare effects of digital music and movie trade, and the effects of global streaming platforms on content production and global consumption patterns. My current work explores differences between mobile and fixed internet browsing and their implications for consumers, advertisers, and website publishers. 

Feel free to visit my research page to learn more about my work. If you would like to get in touch with me, please go here.

Research Interests

  • Economics of Digitization, Empirical Industrial Organization.
  • Economics of Media Markets, Technological Change, Policy.