Some of my research papers have been covered by various news outlets. Below you will find a selection of links to this global and local coverage.

Playlisting Favorites: Measuring Platform Bias in the Music Industry

with Joel Waldfogel & Sarah Waldfogel.

Platforms, Promotion, and Product Discovery: Evidence from Spotify Playlists

with Joel Waldfogel.

Let the Music Play? Free Streaming and its Effects on Digital Music Consumption

  • This paper was covered in Longitud de Onda, a Spanish radio program about music and science from Radio Television Española (Spanish National Radio), together with the next paper below, also about the effect of music streaming.

As Streaming Reaches Flood Stage: Does it Stimulate or Depress Music Sales?

with Joel Waldfogel.

Quality Predictability and the Welfare Benefits from New Products: Evidence from the Digitization of Recorded Music

with Joel Waldfogel.

Catch Me if You Can: Effectiveness and Consequences of Online Copyright Enforcement

with Jörg Claussen & Christian Peukert.

Digital Music Consumption on the Internet: Evidence from Clickstream Data

with Bertin Martens.