My research has examined the effects of digitization on the supply of recorded music and on the welfare benefits of new products. I have also studied the effectiveness and consequences of copyright enforcement policies and their effect on consumer behavior, the interaction between distinct music consumption channels, and the welfare effects of digital music and movie trade. I am additionally studying how music and movie streaming platforms (such as Spotify and Netflix) affect content availability and production as well as global consumption patterns.

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Refereed Journal Publications

Playlisting Favorites: Measuring Platform Bias in the Music Industry

with Joel Waldfogel & Sarah Waldfogel. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2021, 78: 102765. [DOI] [NBER Working Paper]

Platforms, Power, and Promotion: Evidence from Spotify Playlists

with Joel Waldfogel. Journal of Industrial Economics, 2021, 69: 653-691. [DOI] [Last Working Paper Version]

Catch Me if You Can: Effectiveness and Consequences of Online Copyright Enforcement

with Jörg Claussen & Christian Peukert. Information Systems Research, 2018, 29(3): 656-678. [DOI] [Last Working Paper Version]

Quality Predictability and the Welfare Benefits from New Products: Evidence from the Digitization of Recorded Music

with Joel Waldfogel. Journal of Political Economy, 2018, 126(2): 492-524. [DOI] [NBER Working Paper]

Netflix: Global Hegemon or Facilitator of Frictionless Digital Trade?

with Joel Waldfogel. Journal of Cultural Economics, 2018, 42(3): 419-445. [DOI] [Last Working Paper Version]

As Streaming Reaches Flood Stage, Does it Stimulate or Depress Music Sales?

with Joel Waldfogel. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2018, 57: 278-307. [DOI] [Last Working Paper Version]

Let the Music Play? Free Streaming and its Effects on Digital Music Consumption

Information Economics and Policy, 2017, 41: 1-14. [DOI – Open Access]

European Cooperative R&D and Firm Performance: Evidence Based on Funding Differences in Key Actions

with Philippe Gagnepain. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2017, 53: 1-31. [DOI] [Last Working Paper Version]

Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes: New Products and the Evolution of Music Quality since Napster

with Joel Waldfogel. Information Economics and Policy, 2016, 34: 1-15. [DOI] [Last Working Paper Version]

Digital Music Consumption on the Internet: Evidence from Clickstream Data

with Bertin Martens. Information Economics and Policy, 2016, 34: 27-43. [DOI – Open Access]

Book Chapters

La Digitalización y las Industrias Culturales

with Joel Waldfogel. In Economía y cultura. Una mirada hacia el futuro, edited by Victoria Ateca Amestoy, Juan-José Ganuza, and Jesús Prieto Sacristán , 295-322, 2021. FUNCAS Social and Economic Studies, 5. Madrid, Spain. [link]

Digitization and the Content Industries

with Joel Waldfogel. In Economic Analysis of the Digital Revolution, edited by Juan José Ganuza and Gerard Llobet, 273-304, 2018. FUNCAS Social and Economic Studies, 5. Madrid, Spain. [link]

Working Papers

Digitization and the Welfare Effects of Motion Picture Trade

with Joel Waldfogel. [link]

Digitization, Copyright, and the Welfare Effects of Music Trade

with Joel Waldfogel. IPTS Digital Economy Working Paper 2014/05. [link]

  • Recipient of the Best Paper Award at the European Policy for Intellectual Property Conference (Galsgow, 2015).

Absorptive Capacity, Knowledge Spillovers, and Incentive Contracts

with Philippe Gagnepain. Working paper (2020). [link]

Work in Progress

Does Digitization Threaten Local Culture? Music in the Transition from iTunes to Spotify

with Joel Waldfogel & Estrella Gómez.